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Thursday 21 March 2013

NFA Environment Forum 2011

Speakers from the Environment Agency, the metals industry, research and academia presented on a broad and lively range of topics at a one day Environment Forum for companies involved in the processing and use of non-ferrous metals.

Organised by the NFA, the Environment Forum brings together the statutory authorities, industry representatives and companies seeking the very latest information on the subject.

Delegates from a number of Production, Environmental and H&S Managers of Permit Holding companies learnt of current and future plans direct from the Environment Agency, along with news from the International Zinc Association, Imperial College London, Jaguar Land Rover and ADAS Gleadthorpe Research Station. Detail from the programme is shown below.

Registration and coffee
Chairman's introduction
Strategic View of the Environment Agency's Work with Industry
Mr Neil Davies, Environment Agency
The sustainable business report and the Future Approach to Regulation process to date and the future.
 ‘Zinc Saves Kids'
Ms Berit Wirths, International Zinc Association
‘Zinc Saves Kids' is an initiative of International Zinc Association, working with UNICEF, to improve the survival, growth and development of undernourished children.
Implementation of the WFD, Next Stages and New Priority Hazardous Substances, Priority Substances and new Specific Pollutants
Ms Caroline Knight, Environment Agency
An explanation of the process to deliver the second River Basin Management Plans, to deliver Water Framework Directive objectives and discussion of current evidence relevant to zinc and copper.
Recycling Organic Materials to Land: Heavy Metal Inputs
Dr Fiona Nicholson, ADAS Gleadthorpe Research Station
Heavy metal loadings to agricultural soils from the recycling of organic materials and long-term impacts on soil quality and fertility.
Climate Change Legislation and Impact on Industry
Dr Tamaryn Napp, Grantham Institute, Imperial College, London
Dr Napp will present on the research under taken so far by the Grantham Institute to understand the complexities of undertaking energy efficiency measures in UK industrial plants.
Use of Aluminium in Motor Car Bodies
Mr Mark White, Jaguar Land Rover
The presentation will show how the use of aluminium in car bodies has delivered significant environmental and technical advantages to the performance of Jaguar cars.
Stakeholder Engagement
Dr Dave Hudson, Environment Agency
The metals sector plan and how its objectives are being embedded in (local) area work plans.
Water Management and Metals Removal from Water
Dr David Brydon, Blackwell Water Consultancy
David Brydon of Blackwell Water Consultancy talks about conventional and emerging technologies for removing metals from wastewater. Integrating treatment and water efficiency will also be discussed
Summary by Chairman