ILA Sustainability Message

The International Lead Association - Sustainability Message

About the International Lead Association
The International Lead Association (ILA) is a membership organisation that represents the world's foremost lead producing companies - 3 million tonnes of lead or 60% of lead production in the western world. Each member company shares a common purpose of working towards a sustainable future for the industry by effectively managing the issues associated with the safe production, handling and use of lead.

Lead usage
Lead-acid batteries account for more than 90% of present day worldwide lead usage and 95% of these are recycled. The lead-acid battery is a vital component in the 60 million petrol and diesel vehicles produced worldwide every year. This technology will also play a significant role in helping to achieve the EU's energy policy objectives in the future, notably:
● Large scale energy storage for renewable energy sources and electrical power grids
● The reduction of fuel consumption from vehicles with combustion engines (including hybrids) and by powering exhaust-free industrial vehicles (e.g. forklift trucks, golf carts).

Lead is also a sustainable building material which affords attractive, permanent protection against the British weather with a life of more than 100 year.

Responsible Care
The lead industry understands that it must take a leadership role in responsible care and ensure that safe production and sound chemical management is integral to its business model. This includes providing developing countries and countries in transition with technical assistance.

The ILA's Lead Action 21 (LA21) programme provides a focus for members to share past, present and future initiatives designed to encourage and embed the principles of sustainable development throughout the lead producing world.

LA21 sets out to:

Inform - share knowledge of the safe production, use and recycling of lead and its contribution to the modern global economy; share best practice to ensure the highest levels of protection for human health and the environment and make the highest standards the norm - across the world.

Support - build on the work of the ILA's International Lead Management Center and use its expertise to provide practical help and guidance to less developed countries which need it.

Improve - put measures in place for continuous improvement. This includes developing performance indicators to allow stakeholders to track the progress of ILA members against their  LA21 commitments.

For more information on LA21 use this link