ECHA Fees - New Scale

The EU European Chemicals bureau has revised fees chargeable for REACH dossiers and these changes may benefit SMEs.  Should any member company be submitting a REACH dossier shortly within the next tranche of lower tonnage band obligations, then the e-mail below is relevant.

From: Mongelard, Patrice (ERG-CPN) []
Sent: Mon 25/02/2013 13:00
Subject: ECHA fees - new scales

Dear All

On behalf of Keith Bailey this is an update on one of the issues that was discussed and voted on by the REACH comitology committee last week. It relates to revisions to the levels of fees payable to ECHA. Basically, following on from the REACH Review there will be further reductions for SMEs and increases for non-SMEs.

Please see attached new scales.  {New ECHA Fees table}

The Commission estimates that the new fees will come into effect from about the end of March (there is no European Parliament scrutiny in this case).

We need to make sure that SMEs who are about to submit registration dossiers etc know about this so they can delay until April and benefit from the reductions. Equally any larger companies should have the opportunity to bring forward their submissions if possible to catch the current fees.

Keith has invited the UK REACH Competent Authority to issue an e-bulletin about this to its 20,000 subscribers and he has also suggested to BIS they might want to spread the word through their channels.

Keith would also like you to note that the Commission will also be looking carefully at a German proposal for a new fee reduction bracket for non-SME companies with fewer than 500 employees. They will come back with their conclusions on that study, along with any resulting proposals, in two years' time.


Patrice Mongelard
Secretary - UK Chemicals Stakeholder Forum
Head of Secretariat to Hazardous Substances Advisory Committee

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra)

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